The mission of this ministry is:

  • To honor and adore God through our music, interpretive dance, mime, and the spoken word first ministering to God, as He in turn, ministers to us and then we to His people.
  • To usher in Christ’s presence by creating a habitation for Him to reside.
  • To use the Arts to edify the mind, uplift the spirit, and encourage the soul.
  • To set an atmosphere of worship that is conducive to the ministry of salvation, deliverance, and wholeness.

The mission of this ministry is:

  • To enlighten married couples through the ministry of the Word of God so that they can perform the God ordained responsibilities of marriage.
  • To foster mutual love, unity, friendship, commitment, and effective communication within the marriage, thus allowing the individuals to become the ultimate team players.
  • To renew passion, romance, sexual intimacy, and excitement between marriage partners.
  • Ultimately, to encourage married couples to excel in their relationship with their spouse both spiritually (mentally) and physically (sexually).

The mission of this ministry is: 

  • To reach the men in the different communities of the city of Philadelphia and the surrounding areas.
  • To develop men of Godly character through biblical teaching and practical application of the Word of God.
  • To inspire men to reach their full potential as men of God and leaders in our city, state, and society at large.
  • To put men in touch with the various roles and responsibilities of manhood as it relates to them functioning in a variety of relationships (i.e., husbands, fathers, sons, brothers, and friends).
  • To give men an outlet to grow and to express themselves, without reservation, concerning those issues that plague us as men in an “ever-changing” society – knowing that the answer is found in our ability to seek God for wisdom and understanding.
  • To establish a covenant relationship in which genuine love, trust, and camaraderie is deemed essential.

The Mission of this ministry is:

  • To minister to the spiritual and emotional needs of singles (both male and female) in our circles of influence and throughout this region.
  • To teach biblical principles for the purpose of effective witnessing in communication and lifestyle.
  • To be representatives of Jesus Christ and show the true love of God through caring, sharing, and fellowship.
  • To foster healthy relationships with other single people through interactions with those who are likeminded in Christian beliefs and principles.
  • To demonstrate what it means to be single and anointed; for the Master’s use.

The Singles Ministry is a two-fold ministry:

ME AND GOD:  A group of men and women that are content with being single and remain dedicated to God’s purposes for their singleness.

THE COURTSHIP:  A group of men and women that have a desire to be married, but while single, still remain committed to God.

The mission of this ministry is:

  • To promote wellness of the mind, body, and soul through Christian education, practical instruction, and personal contact.
  • To encourage spiritual growth according to the Word of God by applying biblical principles to assist in the healing process.
  • To visit the sick and shut-in and assist with their health care concerns, praying with them and continually praying for them.
  • To provide reasonable health care to pastoral staff and to members of the body.
  • To work in conjunction with the Pastor’s Aide Ministry to meet the needs of the Senior Pastor.

The mission of this ministry is:

• To establish, strengthen, and maintain a strong sincere relationship with God through the study of His word and through fellowship with one another. It is essential that we really “know Him all the more and the power of His resurrection, and the fellowship of His sufferings” (Philemon 3:10) so that we might be more like Him, because only then can we be all that He has called us to be.

• To realize and to always be mindful of who we are as women of God and to understand and appreciate our importance as women of God, because we understand that “where purpose is unknown, abuse is inevitable.”

• To strengthen our relationships with one another so that we might know how to relate to one another, how to minister to one another, how to intercede for one another, and how to handle one another.

• To establish a firm foundation of prayer to uphold the ministry, each other, and those around us.

• To increase in number by drawing others into the family of God and extending our ministry outside the walls of the church to serve those in need of healing.

• In essence, to fully understand that by knowing who we are, by seeing our own value, by giving our all to God, by learning each other, and by maintaining a solid prayer life, we can be greater assets not only to ministry, but also to our families, and to each other; we can thereby form a strong foundation of healing, support, and encouragement for those yet to come!

There are two phases of the Youth and Young Adult Department.

  • RAW (Phase I) – Ready Able and Willing


  • RAW (Phase II) – Ready Able and Willing


The mission of this ministry is:

  • To address the spiritual and social needs of the youth and young adults in our communities and beyond.
  • To promote Christian education, growth, and development according to the Word of God through practical instruction, missions, and worship.
  • To teach young people how to mature in their faith and to help them discover their “Spiritual gifts,” as well as to provide opportunities for the practice of such gifts.
  • To have fellowship, interaction, and fun with other young people within the same age groups and with parallel beliefs.
  • Ultimately, to equip them, that they might fulfill their purpose in life through service unto God and to mankind.


Intercessory Prayer
(Morning Glory) Every Sunday at 8:30 AM

Sunday Morning Worship
(The Gathering)
10:00 AM

Worship On Wednesday
(WOW) 7:00 PM

*Service of Holy Communion
(First Sunday of every month.)


Mount Hermon Baptist Church
6132-34 West Jefferson Street
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania 19151

Ecclesiastical Offices
Main Number: (215) 879-2534